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Custom Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

We collaborate with homebuilders, landscape designers and architects, landscape contractors, and homeowners to design and install an outdoor lighting system that enhances the beauty of their homes, the functionality and safety of the outdoor spaces they enjoy and improves security.  Our design process always “begins with the end in mind,” to understand how our clients currently utilize their outdoor spaces, what they desire from their outdoor spaces, and their concerns from a safety and security perspective.  Each project and approach to design is as unique as our clients and their homes, so we spend a considerable amount of time walking the property with our clients to ensure our designs are intentional and exceed our client’s expectations.

Servicing Existing Outdoor Lighting Systems

Regardless of if your existing lighting system was installed by us or even this decade, we want to help.  We offer onsite diagnostics of your current fixture or entire system, and perform any necessary repairs to get your lighting system running again.  We will also suggest upgrades to retrofit or update older systems that will result in better performance and operating cost savings.  Whether it’s a single fixture or an entire lighting system, contact us to diagnose, repair, and/or update your existing lighting system.


Maintenance Plans

As with most home purchases, routine maintenance and upkeep will ensure your lighting system continues to perform like it did on the day it was installed.  Our annual maintenance plans will protect your investment and extend the longevity of your lighting system.  Our plans include LED fixture and lens tightening and cleaning, adjustments to accommodate plant growth and minor landscape changes, realignment of fixtures from pedestrian traffic (lawnmowers, kids, etc.), as well as core system checks.


What’s Covered?

  • Check all sockets and lubricate (if necessary)

  • Ensure the working order of each fixture, and repair or replace components as needed

  • Clean all fixtures and lenses 

  • Minor adjustment of fixtures

  • Minor pruning and trimming around fixtures 

  • Re-burry exposed wires 

  • Check and adjust transformer timers as needed 

  • Ensure proper input and output voltage on transformer and check terminal connections

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